Google will start pausing inactive ad groups

On March 11th this year, Google will roll out an update that will start pausing all ad groups that have not had any activity. If you have an ad group that was created at least 13 months ago and had no impressions for the same time period, this ad group will be paused automatically.


You can unpause these ad groups if you need them. However, if they do not have any impressions in the next 3 months after unpausing, they will be paused automatically again.


I do recommend reviewing your ad groups and pausing them now. Honestly, they should have been paused anyway. If there are no impression for the keywords in your ad group, then you need to rethink the keywords you’re bidding or there might be other issues, such as dissapproved ads, low bids, wrong bidding strategy.


Whatever it is, it requires your attention Today. The easiest way to find those ad groups is to go to all campaigns, then click on ad groups. Sort by impressions. Make sure you see only enabled ad groups.



Review them and make necessary changes or just pause them.