Measure reach with new Local Services Ads Metrics

Local Service Ads are a type of ad designed for local professionals. They’re a totally different format and are already liked by many who provide plumbing, repair, attorney services, etc.

They are open in 80 different industries and are available in the US, Canada, the UK, and several European countries.

Local Services Ads appear above your regular paid search ads and organic results. And the beauty is that you can run regular search ads and service ads at the same time. Double that chance to get a lead.


electrician_near_me_-_Google_local service ads


I wrote how to start with Local Service Ads earlier. Check it out.


The downside was that you couldn’t see much data. You got your cost and leads, but now Google has added additional impression metrics.


Ad impressions

Google shows how many times your LSAs were shown on the results page. This shows whether your set-up is correct and whether you’re getting impressions. Previously, it was hard because if you’re not getting leads, you don’t know if it’s your services or just a lack of impressions.

If you get zero impressions, it’s a sign that something is wrong with your profile, and you need to review the whole setup.

Another way you can use impression data is to see if you need to change your LSA profile. If you’re getting lots of impressions but a few leads, it’s a clear sign that people aren’t connecting with you. Maybe you need to update a photo on your LSA.


Top impression rate on search

The top impression rate on search tells you how often your LSAs show above the organic search results. Since ads almost always appear above organic results, you should see 100% in your account. Just don’t confuse this metric with search impression share. If you see 100% for the top impression rate, this does not mean that your ad is getting all the impressions.


Absolute top impression rate on search

Now, the absolute top impression rate on search shows you how often your Service Ads show in the very first spot on the results page. Being in the top position might be pricey, but will get lots of engagement. So if your rate is low, maybe increasing bids will help.

Otherwise, check your price per lead. Make sure you’re not just in the first spot but also getting good-quality leads that earn you money.