Google Ads limits country exclusions

Google Ads limits the countries (or areas) you can exclude to approximately 120. If you try to add more, you will get a notification saying you exceeded the limit.


Here’s what Google said:

“You will see this notification if you try to add more than approximately 120 country-level location exclusions. The aim is to simplify location targeting
workflows, and we recommend using positive geographic targeting instead.”


Another flexibility is gone. I don’t know what path Google is on, but I don’t think I like it. Country exclusions can benefit the campaign as much as inclusions. Limiting this amount might impact campaign performance. We know that Google likes to broaden its reach, but that is not always what we want.


If you want to narrow the targeting, be sure to change the settings here:



Selecting the second option will limit your campaign’s reach. Additionally, you can target specific languages; this will further limit the reach.